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My entire life, I was taught and told to exercise more and eat less.

I know you.  I was you. We want to get pregnant, have more energy, and get our old metabolism back.


The truth is, as you know

it’s easier said than done, we both know that unless one gets to the cause of the struggle, everything is temporary or may not even work.

More Backstory 

When I was struggling with infertility, I looked in many places for answers. Since then, the words “there must be something else, or what if there’s something else that is being missed, something they did not check”.

I know you’re here because you’re probably experiencing something similar.

Because, if everything is ‘normal’, why are you still feeling this way?

"Cristy is so professional and kind! I love that she takes the time to listen to what I have to say and walks me through solutions. Her positive, can-do attitude is what keeps me looking forward to working together!" - Client review

I had piles of paper in front of me, organizing, and putting tabs. I was I’m overwhelmed and confused, all these in front of me, and still no answers.

I brought this file folder to another specialist but she took a deeper history, of some things people had not asked about. I knew then she is able to help me.

  • She's thorough
  • She listened 
  • She did not rush

And I wasn’t just a number or another appointment for that day.

This was when I knew there was another way.

It’s time to take your power back. Let’s look deeper using a different model.

What happened next

Since meeting with a holistic practitioner, I knew it was just a matter of finding the right guide. Someone who's sensitive and who would not dismiss my concerns.

I knew there are several areas that needed to be addressed. She was not about to hand me a bandaid and tell me to come back if not better. She’s making sure we’re finding what’s causing me to struggle to get pregnant.

This is the type of guide I'd aim to be.


Providing support with your precise plan and roadmap, so you won't feel lost. 


Food as medicine approach, along with sustainable lifestyle methods, so you're empowered to stay healthier. 

Why Functional Nutrition?

I'm not talking about band-aids and short-term fixes. I’m here to get to the source and sort out what’s causing what. Helping you know your body better so you can take care of yourself better. “Teach a man how to fish” kinda thing.

Who am I 


I'm a passionate women's health advocate, infertility survivor, and functional medicine consultant. I focus on Functional Nutrition Endocrinology to empower my diverse clients with the knowledge they need to achieve their ideal health.

I am a Christian mother of 2 who understands the importance of balance in life. As an integrative wellness consultant, I use a unique blend of evidence-based strategies and holistic approaches to ensure you have an individualized plan that works for you.
Join me in creating simple rituals that bring us closer to our optimum state and unlock our true potential! Let's chat soon!
I’m also a huge fan of Ramen, beach, and spa vacations. On the days I’m not working, I am spending time with my kids, cooking, planting, singing at our church choir, or simply watching movies.

Education and Certifications 


MSN- Nursing.

Precision Nutrition - Pn1 Coach

Functional Nutrition Coach

Functional Medicine Level 1 SAFM

Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training


Root Cause

Guiding you to be your own health detective, and supporting you to healing the gaps

Blueveilwellness is a holistic and faith-based health coaching that provides you with a supportive environment with clarifying and compassionate guidance so you never have to feel that you are going through this journey alone. 

  • Receive holistic support to make lifestyle changes that will improve your fertility. 
  • Never feel alone with compassionate, supportive guidance every step of the way.
  • Receive education to understand how to best optimize fertility.
  • Identify nutrient deficiencies to optimize fertility and improve overall health.

Enhance your fertility with food


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Fertility Optimizer Wellness Method


Are you ready to finally achieve your reproductive goals with a personalized plan and roadmap?

This 6-week foundational method takes you through clarity and action steps in order to get your body and wellness to optimize your chances for a healthy pregnancy.





Clarity Call


Not sure about where to start, and Curious about working closely and doing a functional deep dive?

Let's have a clarity call to see how we can best work together.






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