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I am looking forward to collaborating with you to better serve our audience.

  •  If we haven’t already scheduled an interview, please SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW HERE
  •  Please set aside 1 hour for the entire interview as we may need spare time to answer any last questions before we go “on air” – also, in case of any unexpected interruptions
  • It will be a relaxed chat-style interview
  • We’ll have an outline prepared and I will incorporate your suggested questions to keep us on track and keep the conversation flowing, but this isn’t meant to be a scripted conversation. Authentic, honest chats are so important to the integrity of what we’re trying to accomplish!
  • We'll be conducting the recorded interview through Zencastr, you should receive the link once you booked your time slot.



  • Just Relax!
  • We’re just chatting and the only people listening are you and me.
  • There will be edits after our conversation is over so don’t worry if you stutter orfumble over your words. We’ll fix that!
  • Be open and honest! Listeners can quickly see through a scripted conversation, so I liketo keep things as casual and as informal as possible.
  • The airing of the podcast will depend on the scheduling date.
  • Remember to send your headshots for the promotional graphics!

For example, we may conduct the interview one week, but your episode may not “air” until several weeks later.

This is totally normal. It gives us time for edits and the ability to create some hype and anticipation for our listeners.

We want as many people to tune in to your interview as possible! ***And that’s it! You’re ready for your interview! ***


Do you have a business you are trying to promote?

If so, I will include a 2-5 minute segment at the end of our conversation for you to plug any products, services, or other marketing materials you’d like to discuss. This is a great opportunity for you to do some FREE promotions!

Please have a website or social media platform to direct listeners to. They want to know where they can learn more about you and what you do.

This can simply be a Facebook page if you do not have a website.