Blueveilwellness Functional and Nutrition Consulting 

Use the power of food and holistic methods as the first solution to increase your chances of pregnancy!!

What our customers are saying

Linda F.

"I did not think there was a way, and didn't want to give anything up, but Cristy showed me better alternatives and empowered me to understand what was going on. My provider was shocked that in one month, my A1c decreased from 9 to now 6 and is staying there!"

Deep Paknikar- Founder of Investorina

 "My Favorite part of working with Cristy is the 1:1 interaction! I’ve learned so much, from the impact of the environment on our well-being to being careful about what we put on our skin. Things that I will be more aware of and am now healthier for it. The amount of time working with her is GOLD".

Stop the guesswork, and start using the power of nutrition to boost your fertility.

I see you

You are defeated, confused, and frustrated, and do research over and over again, trying the new fad diet or exercises, or what you've heard from your friends or different groups., which feels like you're in a never-ending loop.  And you feel broken.

I see you and there's hope.  Because you're here and this means you're on your way to finding clarity, even getting your own roadmap to follow.

Whether you are: 

Trying to get pregnant for the first time and it is taking forever, struggling with what to do next, purchased other diets and supplements before, getting your body to ovulate or ragulating your menstrual cycle can be daunting, 

You can spend months and random 4 am panics, drinking bitter tea concotions and working out till you drop, and still not be able to get yoru body in balance.

and figuring out, 

what plan to follow

what to eat

how much to eat

how often workout

what foods to avoid, without 

You're meant to be here.

Let's get started. 


Really exhausted from it all and ready to go all holistic and focus on your body and wellbeing. 

Enhance your Fertility with food

Fertility Optimizer Wellness Method 
Functional Wellness Clarity Call.

Get this free food list geared towards helping you identify foods to help you boost your fertility.

Are you ready to finally achieve your reproductive goals with a personalized plan and roadmap?


This  6-week foundational method takes you through clarity and action steps in order to get your body and wellness to optimize your chances for a healthy pregnancy. 

Curious about working closely and doing a functional deep dive? 

Let's have a clarity call to see how we can best work together. 

Benefits of working with us.
  • Get a foundational understanding of fertility to help you make informed decisions. 
  • Receive supportive guidance from nutritionists, dietitians, and functional medicine-trained professionals.
  • Get direction and clarity with a holistic approach to fertility, focusing on nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Save time and avoid confusion with a clear roadmap and direction to help you prepare for a successful pregnancy.


Why we do what we do


I'm a passionate infertility survivor with a masters in nursing science, and additional training in functional medicine and functional nutritional endocrinology. 

As a functional medicine consultant. I focus on nutrition and holistic methods to empower my diverse clients with the knowledge they need to achieve their ideal health.

I am a Christian mother of 2 who understands the importance of balance in life, and as an integrative wellness consultant, I use a unique blend of evidence-based strategies and holistic approaches to ensure you have an individualized plan that works for you.

Join me in creating simple rituals that bring us closer to our optimum state and unlock our true potential! 

I’m also a huge fan of Ramen, beach, and spa vacations. On the days I’m not working, I am spending time with my kids, cooking, planting, singing at our church choir, or simply watching movies.

Why does it work...

You already have the heart, motivation, and commitment.
You should be able to get pregnant naturally
The problem isn't you, you're research, actions, and trying many things are likely pushing you to overwhelm and exhaustion and making you feel like giving up!
The truth is, the only things you are missing are directions and foundations on how to get your body in optimal condition, and a roadmap to get all your actions to work synergistically with each other.  

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