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Nourish and Rewire Method

Are you ready to finally achieve your goals with a personalized plan and roadmap?

 Unleash Your Optimal Health Potential!

Discover the transformative power of our 8-week Nourish and Rewire course, where you'll unlock the secrets to optimizing your health through functional medicine, functional nutrition, and neurocoaching.

With our hands-on and experiential approach, you'll not only learn how to identify the foods that nourish your body but also gain a deep understanding of how to nourish your mind.

Through this comprehensive program, you'll be able to shift negative thoughts, rewire your brain for positivity, and create a new empowering narrative for yourself.

Functional Wellness Clarity Call 

Curious about working closely and doing a functional deep dive?

Let's have a clarity call to see how we can best work together.

8 ways to Re-Invent Yourself

Are you ready to finally achieve your wellness goals with a personalized plan and roadmap?

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What our clients are saying

Real customers give their honest opinions.
Deep Paknikar- Investorina

“My Favorite part of working with Cristy is the 1:1 interaction! I’ve learned so much, from the impact of the environment on our well-being to being careful about what we put on our skin. Things that I will be more aware of and am now healthier for it. The amount of time working with her is GOLD. “


“Prior to working with Cristy, my doctor kept increasing my meds and putting me on different types to see what worked.
After 3 months of working with Cristy, I had my doctor visit, she was so shocked that my A1c actually went down 3 points. She asked me what I did and I told her that I worked with Cristy. Now I’m on a lower dose of meds, have more energy and actually lost weight!”

Identifying healing opportunities and healing from within

Follow a roadmap and learn how to.....

Personalized approach

Our goal is personalized and highly person-focused. We start with an extensive intake.  Coaching is driven based on the intake and functional testing results, this enables us to identify gaps and possible causes of your struggles, for more lasting and sustainable results.

Your Automated Thoughts 

Our brain runs on automation 90% pf the time.  Your thoughts dictate your emotions thereby forming your beliefs.  Let's work together to reframe to the what serves your mission and purpose.


We use the 6 pillars of wellness to guide you.  In addition to helping you find nourishing foods, we aim to guide you in nourishing your mind using the principles of neurocoaching to help you hone in on your wellness with targeted lifestyle changes. 

Functional Nutrition

Food is medicine and we should be looking at the power of plants, and foods to give our body what it needs.

Let's find out what foods or supplements work to nourish you, find what works against you, and help you find better alternatives. It's not about eating less and exercising more. It is finding the precise lifestyle and nutrition that works for your unique biochemistry and metabolism.

Functional Medicine

No two humans are the same in regard to metabolism, nutritional status, and exercise tolerance. Therefore, we take a personalized approach, tailored to each client.

Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness is defined as a system that addresses the underlying causes of dysfunction, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging in a therapeutic partnership. By shifting the focus of to a more person-centered approach, Functional Wellness addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

What if you knew exactly what to eat, how to change your automated thoughts AND have a clear path to follow in order to optimize your physical, mental and emotional wellness?

The Process

Need to know more about to work with me?

Lets chat

To answer your questions about the program.  What is the best way to serve you and to see if we are a good fit.

Choose Program 

After you have made a decision on what is best, you get the links to move forward, fill out self- assessments, etc. 

Learning and Community

You get to learn ways to improve your pillars of wellness (at your own pace) while getting support in monthly group calls and exclusive community.

Tier 1 or 2 Coaching support

If you have chosen this route, you get 1:1 initial call with me to help map pout the rest of your journey AND an intake call with the rest of the certified nutrition team!